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23 sep 2021
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Educational organizations

The professional education and training.


The sustainable and efficient work of the system of professional education in the sphere of the maritime and inland water transport is a special priority, since the training of professionals will provide one of the most important industries in the economy of the Russian Federation with qualified manpower. Today, it is namely the training for the industry that will guarantee the innovative and social and economic development of the maritime and inland water transport, its competitiveness on the domestic and international markets. 

Six innovative scientific-educational complexes that are vertically integrated with each other are currently functioning in the system of professional training for the industry. They are created on the bases of the accountable to Rosmorrechflot higher education institutions and comprise 23 affiliates.

The complexes are situated in the following regions:

·      In the Far East, there is the FSBEI HE “The State Maritime University named after Admiral G. I. Nevelsky” (the MSU named after Adm. Nevelsky), with its affiliates in Kholmsk (the island of Sakhalin), Nakhodka and Blagoveshensk;

·      In the north-west, there is the FSBEI HE “The State University of the Maritime and River fleet, named after Admiral S. O. Makarov” (the SUMRF named after Adm. Makarov), with the affiliates in Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Pechora, Petrozavodsk, Kotlas and Voronezh;

·      In the south, there is the FSBEI HE “The State Maritime University, named after Admiral F. F. Ushakov”, with the affiliates in Rostov-on-Don and Sevastopol;

·      In the central region, there is the FSBEI HE “The Moscow State Academy of Water Transport” (MSAWT), with the affiliates in Ufa, Veliky Ustyug and Rybynsk.

·      In the Volga region, there is the FSBEI HE “The Volga State University of Water Transport” (VSUWT), with the affiliates in Astrakhan, Perm, Kazan and Samara.

·      In Siberia, there is the FSBEI HE “The Siberian State University of Water Transport” (SSUWT), with the affiliates in Omsk, Krasnoyarsk, Ust-Koot, Khabarovsk and Yakutsk.


The manpower in Rosmorrechflot’s educational complexes is prepared for the entire range of the water transport infrastructure specialties: for the fleet, ports, ship repairing enterprises, educational institutions, science and research institutes, managing structures. The preparation is carried out following 36 programs for preparing bachelors, 47 programs for preparing licentiates, 9 magister’s programs, as well as following 24 programs of intermediate vocational training and 7 programs of professional training.

The personnel of the complexes amount 9 625 people. The teaching staff is 3 552 people, including 374 PhDs and 1614 candidates of science.  The teaching staff in special subjects regularly confirms and raises their qualification on vessels and simulators.

In order to implement the Directive of the President of the RF No. 587, “On the measures on the implementation of the state social policy”, dated 07.05. 2012, in 2015 the indicators were set and achieved, of 133% in the higher education, and 85% in the intermediate vocational training, which meets the set requirements.

In 2015, in total, 11 539 specialists were prepared in the higher education institutions of Rosmorrechflot, to include 8 165 graduated specialists, including 4 107 people’s education was financed from the federal budget, 4 117 people received resident training. 3 374 people received the intermediate vocational training, to include 2 658 people financed from the federal budget, 2 013 people were on the resident training.

According to the data available on January, 1, 2016, in total, 59 788 people are being educated by the programs of higher and intermediate professional education, and the various forms of education of 35 992 of them are financed from the federal budget.

The issues of preparing seafarers are inseparable from complying with the requirements of the federal state education standards, international conventions, particularly, with the requirements of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (or STCW-78 Convention), as well as with the national requirements in the fields of commercial shipping.

The specifics of preparing specialists for maritime fleet are the obligatory training navigation practice courses, conducted throughout all the period of education, on the training vessels and vessels of shipping companies.

All kinds of navigation practice courses are strictly defined in the training programs that specify the requirements to their volume and contents, give the methodological recommendations, as for mastering them, and provide individual tasks to cadets. The concluding stage of a navigation practice is the defense of an individual report that cadets compile on the results of their practice.

 In 2015, the centers for the arrangement of the training practices (CATP) were created:

·      the European CATP - on the base of the SUMRF, named after Adm. Makarov. It provides the arrangement of the navigation practice to the cadets of the SMU, named after Adm. Ushakov, to the MSAWT, to the VSUWT and to the SUMRF itself;

·      the Far East CATP - on the base of the MSU, named after Adm. Nevelsky, it provides the arrangement of the navigation practice to the cadets of the SSUWT and to the MSU itself.

In 2015, the navigation practices on the training vessels were, for the first time, conducted during ensuring the operational condition of the vessels of the FGUE “Rosmorport”. They were organized by the centers for the arrangement of navigation practices, according to the previously coordinated schedules. The experience was recognized to be successful, and will be continued in 2016 and the further years.

A plan of measures have been approved by Rosmorrechflot that are aimed at the implementation of the “roadmap” for changes in the sphere of professional training, up until 2018. Based on the results of monitoring-2015 conducted by the Russian Ministry of Education, Rosmorrechflot Universities and their affiliates have developed new programs for upgrading the higher education. A number of events have been conducted in the methodic field. 

As regards the now more consolidated group of specializations, called “The techniques and technologies of water transport shipbuilding”, the current federal state standards of education are being changed.

The professional standard has already been developed for training for  “ A Ship Master-Mechanic”, and it has been approved by the Ministry of Labor of Russia. The professional standard for the specialization of “A Hydro-technician” has been sent to the Ministry of Labor for approval.

In June, 2015, a contest finished, on selecting the best methodical program (Educative and Methodological Complex, EMC) for either a general professional subject, or a professional module, or an interdisciplinary course for preparation of the maritime vessel crews, in accordance with the requirements of the updated STCW Convention and of the federal state standards for the intermediary vocational training in the specializations of  “The techniques and technologies of water transport shipbuilding”. The purpose of the contest was to improve the quality of preparation of specialists in the crews of seagoing vessels and to develop standard approaches to the implementation of the general professional subjects, professional modules and interdisciplinary courses. All the higher education institutions of Rosmorrechflot and their affiliates participated in the contest. The EMCs that won were recommended as basic ones for all the universities and colleges in the industry.

The important component of the additional professional training is the conventional training, in accordance with the requirements of the STCW Convention and of the Order of Certification for the seagoing vessel crewmembers, set by the order of the Russian Ministry of Transport.

As an experiment, in the SUMRF, named after admiral Makarov, an algorithm has been developed, of organizing education by the programs of additional professional training, utilizing the technologies of distant learning and electronic technologies. Documents have been prepared, for the quality management system, that describe the procedures of organizing and carrying out the training, the programs developed have been justified as meeting the requirements of the STCW Convention. The system of distance learning, called “The Clearway”, is applied for the organization and carrying out the programs. The technical, methodical and organizational support of the training is provided by the regular personnel of the University, including the affiliates that have the sufficient qualification. For conducting the final tests, two bases are used in St. Petersburg, one in Murmansk and one in Arkhangelsk.

In case the results of the experiment will be acknowledged successful, the experience will be applied in the other Rosmorrechflot’s Universities.

The science and research activity in the universities is strategically aimed at solving the challenges that water transportation and related economic areas are facing.

The leading science and research organizations and production centers of Russia partner with the universities in the implementation of science and research and experimental design developments.

The interaction of the universities with the companies in the industry takes place, in the first place, in the form of ordering science and research work to the universities, as a component of their work in the preparation of specialists, and as financial support to the theoretic schools and of the academic potential.

The principal goals of this activity are:

·      improving the quality of training and upgrading the qualification of the manpower in the crews and onshore services of Rosmorechflot, by means of implementation of innovative methodologies;

·      enlarging and upgrading the list of educational services and products

·      carrying out scientific research of applied and fundamental character for the industry’s companies and organizations, in order to gain commercial profit from them later;

·      involving the professors, PhD students, post-graduates, cadets and students into work on real commercial projects in various sectors of domestic economy.

The personnel of the highest qualification are prepared in Rosmorrechflot’s universities through the system of postgraduate training programs, PhD training programs and programs for doctoral candidates. Accordingly, the universities have dissertations boards.

Postgraduates, doctoral candidates and future PhDs receive targeted support in the universities, in order to improve the efficiency of their training.

Post-graduates are provided with the necessary equipment for conducting experimental research. The collections of works, presented at the youth science and technical conferences, are published.

Those post-graduates, who achieve high results in scientific activity, are granted additional and personal scholarships, on the decision of the universities’ scientific boards.

The formation of the patriotic values.

Special attention is paid to the issues of instilling patriotic values into the cadets and students. The purpose of the measures taken here is to shape the national identity, the feelings of patriotism, love and pride for the chosen profession and the country, the readiness to protect her interests, the respect to the state symbols, to the country’s heroic past. Every student is involved in the process.  

An important role in this kind of upbringing belongs to the universities’ museums and to the centers of patriotic upbringing, located in them, not only the students and the personnel of the universities do contribute to their work, but also teams from the veterans organizations are involved, as well as the clubs of young seafarers, secondary education schools, search scout teams.

The system of patriotic upbringing that exists in Rosmorrechflot allows to successfully execute the state program of “Promoting the moral and patriotic upbringing of the citizens of the Russian Federation in the years 2011-2015”. The biggest attention was paid to the preparation for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the country’s Victory in the World War II in 1941-1945.

All events are conducted, taking into account “The Recommendations on the organization and conducting of the upbringing work in the higher education institutions, accountable to Rosmorrechflot”, approved by the Education Council of Rosmorrechflot.

In general, the patriotic upbringing is carried out in 75 enterprises and institutions of the industry, in educational institutions, as well as on the base of the museums that exist at the enterprises of the river and maritime transport and in the universities, the activity is directed by the FBI “The museum of maritime fleet” in Moscow.

Over 50% of the personnel of the state bodies and enterprises and of the commercial companies in the industry are involved in the work, and 70% of them approve of it.

In 2015, around 600 of events of patriotic character were conducted, including 49 exhibitions that were visited by 20 thousand people, 4000 veterans among them. Also, 175 cultural and sporting technical events were organized.

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